State of the IT field: Demand is high for SKILLED engineers

I've been thinking about writing this post all week and decided to wait until I processed my thoughts a little more before I wrote it out. There's a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt that's been going on in the field for years and here are some of repetitive questions I tend to hear on Linkedin, Techexams and other social media: 

  • Is it worth going into networking/getting a CCIE/etc if SDN is going to take over? 
  • There's so many engineers out there, why do companies choose to hire H1Bs? 
  • Do I have to worry about my job getting outsourced to another country? 
  • Do I have to worry about H1Bs taking my job?  

1.7 - The Active Directory Probe

This is a continuation from the last video about profiling. I just wanted to talk about the Active Directory probe and some of the stuff you can see and do with it. To enable the Active Directory probe, navigate to Administration>Deployment and click on the PSN you would like to turn on the probe on. You must have the DNS probe enabled as well. Under the Profiling tab, check the box next to DNS and Active Directory to enable both probes.