ISE 2.1 and WSA pxGrid Integration with CA-Signed Certificates

This blog post is going to be going over integration ISE 2.1 and WSA via pxGrid with CA-signed certificates. I personally like using CA-Signed certificates for my deployment because if I ever need to rebuild an ISE instance or pxGrid client, it's extremely easy to get it up and running again with a CA-signed certificate.

StealthWatch ProxyWatch with WSA

In this blog post, I'm going to go over ProxyWatch with StealthWatch. Many enterprises utilize proxies to protect their networks. They provide protection at the cost of visibility to other security solutions. ProxyWatch is a licensed feature that allows StealthWatch to see the translated address and associate it with the other side of the proxy conversation which provides more accurate troubleshooting and forensics. It's a bit like NAT stitching for proxies.